CEUS · 1 CEU or 15 Clock Hours

Learn how to become a substitute teacher or renew your passion for substitute teaching.

Many substitute teachers want to sharpen their skills and learn more about the teaching profession, yet finding training that is flexible, fun, and useful is challenging.

Thousands of substitute teachers search for tips and answers to their questions. The trick is finding credible, high-quality information organized into logical and sequential steps.

Finding that information is now easy. I have used my education, experiences, and expertise to organize 7 lessons to meet your professional development and training needs.

Why is this class helpful?

Substitute teachers are often placed into the classroom feeling unsure and nervous. The problem is that the substitute teacher often feels isolated and insecure. If the problem is not solved, the substitute teacher is likely to stop teaching or suffer from career dissatisfaction.The lessons in this course will help substitute teachers feel more confident in behavior management, building relationships, and feeling like a professional. If you’re just starting out, you will have specific tried and true steps to reach your students and feel like a superstar teacher. If you have experience, the course will help you polish your skills. You will feel more confident while gathering “just in time” tips and tools.

The course is designed for:

People who have a desire to teach and make a difference in the world, whether Substitute teachers who are already teaching, the course provides a just in time review and exposure to new ideas.

People interested in a career in education who seek the information to start earning extra income, while working in the noblest profession.

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